Collecting rent online with is a breeze. The entire process takes about 30 seconds and we're going to walk you through it below. (We recommend completing this process before adding any properties or leases to the system. This way you're always ready to accept rent online.) Step 1) Login at

Step 2) Click the Rent Collection option under the Dropdown menu

Step 3) Click the button to Enroll in online Payments

Step 4) Choose the Bank associated with the account you wish to pay rent with and enter your online banking credentials (Easyrent does NOT store this information it's just used for secure verification to retrieve your accounts). If you use a bank that is not displayed here please call (844)797-3279 and we'll get your account added for you.

Step 5) If you have additional security setup at your bank such as verification questions, or the ability to have a code sent to your email/mobile phone you will be asked to complete that here Step 6) Enter the verification code you received or answer the series of questions displayed

Step 7) Once verified you will receive the list of your accounts associated with that banking login. Simply choose the account you would like to use to pay your rent and click "Continue" And that's it! You're account is now setup to receive online rent payments from your tenant(s). If you have any questions or have any issues please contact us by emailing or calling (833) 228-EASY