With Easyrent.com paying your rent online is easy. As long as your landlord has enabled online payments you can simply follow the steps below and have your payment submitted within just a few minutes. Step 1) Login at https://easyrent.com/login

Step 2) If a rent payment is due you will see it at the very top of the Dashboard once logged in. Click the button "Pay Now" on this alert

Step 3) Click the "Make Payment" button on the invoice that is displayed

Step 4) Confirm the amount you would like to make for this payment and choose the account you would like to pay with. Once done, click the "Confirm Payment" button. (Note: Easyrent will check the balance of the account you're paying from to ensure there are sufficient funds for this payment to help avoid Non Sufficient Fund issues)  

And that's it! At this point your payment has been submitted to the Property Owner and should clear their account within just 3-4 business days. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact support by emailing support@easyrent.com